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Also known as the “angry Korean lady restaurant.”

It’s a one-woman show and the angry concept is gimmicky, but the food is excellent and that alone is with many returns. Write your order on the notepad and bring it to the kitchen, bus your own table. See here for her set of rules.

Lunch with Kelly and Kim involved shared orders of stone pot bi bim bop…

…meat jun (like Kim said, so good you don’t even need the dipping sauce)…

…and the best green onion-seafood pancake I’ve had in ages.

Most restaurants skimp on the green onion and seafood part, then load up on the eggs (see here and here). But this was the complete opposite. A ton of green onions, fair amount of seafood and just enough egg batter to bind. Perfection.

We’ll be back ^_^

Ah-Lang Restaurant | 725 Kapiolani Blvd, Hon., HI 96813 | 808-596-0600

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