NYC | Blueberry Pancakes with Sarabeth’s Tribeca

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Did you know it’s National Blueberry Pancake Day?

Neither did I, until Sarabeth’s and Driscoll’s invited us for breakfast. A pretty nice start to Monday morning (especially when it’s snowing out). Hot tea…

…and deep bowls of fresh berries.

Mini-pastries for the table. These came with a whole parade of marmalades and preserves. I ate a little scone, then a bran muffin, and then a blueberry muffin. And then I said,


! Must save room for…

…blueberry pancakes. Fat and fluffy, dotted in berries. Four to an order with…

…enough maple syrup and whipped butter for weeks.

Savory sides (this was my favorite part of breakfast) to accompany. Home fries, applewood smoked bacon, and housemade chicken-apple sausages. The sausages were served atop

blood orange marmalade

…now that was a killer combination.

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