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Hope you guys don’t mind the back and forth between Hawai’i and NYC posts. I’ll be returning to Hawai’i again in the spring, this time for an extended stay…

But until then, breakfast at 

To drink, lemonade with parsley juice…

…and local soda from Wailua Soda Works (this is the lilikoi soda).

Kelly had fried rice with scrambled eggs…

…while Steph and Shann ordered rice, eggs, and opah.

Pierre and I split the 

plenty of bacon.

And a plate of rice, eggs, and portuguese sausage. Doesn’t get more local than this.

After breakfast we met Ligaya, Ahrin, and Calla for lunch at the Outrigger. I’m still dreaming (and I’m not the only one) about this carrot cake that came in the bread basket. Super fluffy with plenty of grated carrots, raisins, and crushed walnuts.

  • Genevieve L
    November 30, -0001

    Kathy! That was a definite pang to my heart to read that you are going to be in Hawaii for an extended stay. What about our chance Whole Foods run-ins? :)I had never desired to go to Hawaii. Sure, it's always been a destination on my list because it's the symbolic locale for relaxation like Cancun is for crazy spring breaks. But you have made me actively want to visit for reasons other than lounging on sandy beaches, which to be honest, was never a great appeal because I hide from the sun!I shall read you wherever you go. Cheers!P.S. I immediately looked for lumps of thyroid in the "sweetbread" french toast but remembered sweetbread as in breads that are sweet and not…offal :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    January 31, 2013

    Hi Genevieve! I won't be gone for TOO long ^_^ But until then, I totally go to Union Sq Whole Foods at least twice a week, hehe. Hope to see you in line!

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