Return to Kamehameha Bakery: Poi, Haupia, and Pandecoco

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More goodies from Kamehameha Bakery. Remember these Poi Doughnuts?

They get better and better each time we eat them.

That’s a good thing as we’ve been visiting the bakery every other morning.

The first three times we went they were sold out of Haupia Malasadas.

On the fourth time, the lady said, “we have them!” So we ordered a dozen and when we opened the box at home it turned out she had give us Pandecoco instead of Malasadas. No matter, still delicious (but totally different).

We need to return for haupia malasadas before the end of this trip.

Their other specialty is this Poi-Haupia Bun. It’s a plushy poi bun stuffed with haupia. Baked, not fried.

Look at the haupia filling ooze out, huhu ^_^

Kamehameha Bakery
1339 North School Street, Hon, HI 96817
(808) 845-5831

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