Breakfast in Hawai’i

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In NYC, my first meal of the day follows a simple formula: tea + something sweet. 

But in Hawai’i, breakfast is a complete, sit-down affair with the whole family. It can consist of anything from dumplings (cooked in that

…to taro cakes. I’ve written about

…it’s made from a whole grated taro mixed with egg, nuoc nam, and pepper.

She steams the whole thing and drops it off to our house. And all we have to do is slice and panfry till it’s crunchy and browned on the outside. You know that turnip cake you get at dim sum? Picture that, except made with taro.

Weekend breakfast is more involved.

Dad makes all different types of noodle soup and today it was a mix of ho funn (wide, flat rice noodles), napa cabbage, pickled Chinese vegetables, and sliced beef.

All in pork broth and with plenty of cilantro and black pepper. Thanks, dad ^_^

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