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How about we start Monday with something sweet?

I visited Ovenly in Greenpoint last week. Ovenly started off as a wholesale operation by two friends who meet at a food-oriented book club in 2010. They opened their first retail location in Greenpoint this summer and it’s the kind of place I wish we had more of in our neighborhood. A wide selection of house-baked pastries, nicely sized so that you could be satisfied with one. But eating two wouldn’t be out of the question ;)

If you visit, go on weekend so that you can also stop by Paulie Gee’s for a pizza dinner.

Where to begin!

Maybe with a slice of this Spiced Pumpkin and Olive Oil Loaf (you know how I love olive oil loaf/cakes/breads/muffins/cookies/gelato!)

They also bake a Salted Apple Bread – I usually buy this from Waverly St location of Joe’s. That plus a cup of Joe’s hot chocolate is the ideal winter afternoon treat.

Little cookies! Clockwise from top-left:
– Hazelnut Maple Cookie
– Chocolate Truffle Cookie
– Chocolate-Dipped Macaroon
– Pistachio Agave Cookie

Many sweets border on savory (like Abraço). This is the Black Olive Shortbread…

….and Montego Bay Bar with a date-cocoa filling and spelt-pecan cookie base.

Even the Chocolate Chip Cookies get a good dose of salt.

Meet the bars, brownies, blondies and shortbread:
– Chocolate, Black Caraway, and Smoked Salt Shortbread
Stumptown Shorty
– Coconut-Chocolate Blondies
– Spiced Brownie with Cinnamon and Ancho Chile

Muffins and scones rotate often, and you can find at least one sweet and one savory version each day. I got a Pistachio Cardamom Muffin on my visit…

…followed by this Cheddar-Corn Muffin.

Scones comes in sweet flavors of Apricot-Thyme (pictured) and Currant-Rosemary…

…and savory flavors of Blue Cheese-Pecan (pictured) and Cheddar-Mustard.

P.S. Don’t forget about this Brooklyn Blackout Cake. They make a salted chocolate pudding which is folded into the buttercream. The result is this pudding-buttercream hybrid which comes slathered between layers of devils food cake. Oh my, indeed ^_^

  • Cassaendra
    December 15, 2012

    Hi Kathy,Ok, you've inspired me to go to a patisserie today! While I'm not a huge fan of chocolate on chocolate, salted chocolate pudding – oh my! Love these posts!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 16, 2012

    Hi Cassaendra! Yay! Glad you enjoy these post…hope to do more of them ^_^

  • anonymous
    February 8, 2013

    yum! i need a eating buddy like you! just went to ovenly too…super duper cute!

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