One Pound of Veal Sweetbreads

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Sweetbreads on the menu today ^_^

Have you ever felt these raw?

I can’t stop touching them. So plush and silky, cloud-light and cool to the touch. This is a single lobe of veal sweetbreads (about a pound) from Ottomanelli’s on Bleecker.

Put the entire lobe in a bowl and run a steady stream of cold water for 30-minutes. This is to get out all the blood and impurities.

The sweetbreads turn from this pinkish color to a pale white.

Then poach for 2-minutes. Remove the veins…

…and separate the glands into bite-size chunks.

Flour (even better if you use Wondra), cayenne, salt, and pepper.

A light toss, and then fry away!

The outside should be golden and all crisp, inside creamy. Sweetbreads are all about the texture. I sprinkle salt and pepper on top and then eat with rice. Keep it simple.

P.S. Couldn’t stop thinking about sweetbreads after this post, so ordered piri-piri sweetbreads for lunch at

Jack’s Wife Freda

today, heheh. They coat, deep-fry and pour on a spicy piri-piri sauce. Served with baguette.

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