Honolulu Plate Lunch Tour: Monarch Seafoods, Pongo’s Kitchen, Ethel’s Grill, Mitsu-Ken, and Akyth. Liliha Bakery and Shimazu Store for Dessert

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I never got around to posting this plate lunch tour led by Shann‘s mom the other year. We did this when Robyn visited, and I hope to do an update version this holiday. The nice thing about all these plate lunch spots is that things never change. We have a bunch of “new wave” plate lunch spots, but the classics are my favorite.

First stop! Monarch Seafoods.

Here you can get plate lunch and lots of different poke to-go.

We got the fried poke (left) and mochiko chicken (right) plate lunch. Complete with a scoop of rice, mac salad, and a mayo-based dipping sauce for the fried poke.

…and also added a slice of banana cream pie for good measure. You can get some REALLY good pies in Hawai’i…we’ll do a post on that soon.

Second stop! Pongo’s Kitchen.

Step inside…

…here’s how to order.

We got the sparerib plate with garlic sauce and mac salad. I could eat mac salad every single day of my life ^_^

We tried to be healthy and asked for brown rice, bwhahah.

Third stop! Ethel’s Grill.

We were getting full at this point, but somehow there’s always room for more.

Especially if it’s a teri-burger. Maybe we can do a teri-burger round up!!

Fourth stop! Mitsu-Ken.

It’s impossible to find parking here, so have one person drive around and another to go in and pick up…

…garlic chicken!! Ahhhhh :D

Fifth stop! Akyth.

You can’t officially go and buy just one bento because it’s a catering operation (they supply the bentos to my high school, Punahou) But Shann’s mom knew the owner, so she suggested we just swing by. We did exactly that and found ourselves devouring…

…the Keiko Bento which comes with rice, mochiko chicken, shoyu chicken, Spam, kamaboko (the pink thing on the bottom right), and mini andagi…

…here’s a look at the andagi (my favorite are the ones they sell outside Marukai).

We also shared tuna rolls…

…and spicy shoyu pickles!

And of course we had to finish all that with a bit of dessert ;)

It was just a short drive to Liliha Bakery

…for Coco Puffs…

…I’ll never tire of these. They make a  , but  with milk chocolate pudding and that just-salty enough chantilly hat is the best.

And then to Shimazu Store

…for shave ice!

This is the large…can you imagine how big the ex-large is? Three flavors: li hing pickled mango, milk tea royale, and ginger ale. Next time, we’ll do the halo-halo, extra mochi balls and condensed milk ^_^

  • K and S
    December 5, 2012

    man! what a foodie adventure, love it!

  • anonymous
    December 6, 2012

    Kanak attack! Alan

  • anonymous
    December 6, 2012

    Those remind me of garbage plates in Rochester, NY (http://rocwiki.org/Garbage_Plates). Similar set up, but potato instead of rice, and one type of "sauce". I would get french fries, mac salad, hot dogs (red hots, not white hots), and "hot sauce" (which is like a thin, meat-only chili). I would eat it with mayo.I'm sure you can imagine the time of night that these were most commonly eaten at! Haven't had one in several years, but they're fantastic. :) Very much a local delicacy.

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