One Night in Bilbao

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We spent our last night in Bilbao, pinxto-ing till 1am and drinking till our 7am flights. It was my first time pulling an all-nighter in years and I’ve never slept that well on a plane. This is how I should prep for flights going forward. Didn’t even wake once on the nine hour flight from Munich to NYC.

In Bilbao there’s a place called Cafe Iruna. The food is good (think melty ham and lard sandwiches)…

…but what you really want are lamb brochettes from this vendor with a permanent shop inside the cafe.

They’re fall-apart-in-your-mouth tender, and juicy with flavors of cumin and coriander. The bread on the side? They give you that to soak up all the spices and savory lamb drippings. Some people split the bread down the middle and sandwich the brochette in the there. Others use the bread to soak up all the drippings on the plate. Your pick. One is definitely not enough.

There’s also a separate take-out counter so you don’t have to step into the restaurant to order lamb brochettes.

We also checked out a few other pinxto bars in the area…

….including the kooky Irrintzi.

Little sausage buns…

…and a layered pinxtos of zucchini, mushrooms, lard, and red and green peppers.

And then a final stop for a mishmash of bites.

Jamon croquettas, potato tortillas…

…and mayo-topped shrimp with grated egg yolks. What did we drink with all this? , of course!

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