San Sebastián | Pinxtos Gandarias and Astelena | Foie Gras a la Plancha, Foie Gras and Magret de Canard Ravioli

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How beautiful is this? I would have been content sitting at one of the cafe seats (after they opened, that is ;) with endless glasses of txakoli and good conversation. Sadly there was not enough time for that sort of leisure, but I hope to return again soon.

Till then, pinxtos!

We received several recommendations for pinxtos, but wound up visiting the ones suggested to us by the owner of local travel bookstore (I’ll try dig up the name of this bookshop – so charming). There was a solo trip to Casa Urola on the first day…

…and then Gandarias and Astelena with fellow writers the second day.

Here’s the menu of hot dishes at Gandarias, all made to order.

The cold pinxtos are laid out along the bar. This one was fried cod and peppers with sautéed onions.

We ate that along with these super tender beef cheeks and peppers…

…and foie gras a la plancha. I mean, how could you not? ^_^ There was apple compote tucked underneath the foie gras and a bit of balsamic over the top.

And then it was off to Astelena.

Here all the hot dishes are displayed uncooked.

Point to the ones you want, and they whisk it off to the kitchen for a quick deep-fry.

Pistachio and potato croquettes…

…shrimp, asparagus, and jamon, wrapped and fried…

…a mix of fresh mushrooms.

The frog legs were my favorite dish of the afternoon. Here’s the before…

…and after.

And every time I see foie gras on the menu, I just *have* to have it. So! One more order of foie gras a la plancha. These guys served the baguette on the side.

And this! A giant ravioli stuffed with foie gras and . Mushroom sauce (more like a gravy) on top. Best combo ever. Not much of a looker but delicious, decadent. We also attempted to order a dish of pig’s foot stuffed with foie gras, but they ran out of the foot. All the more reason to plan a return trip.

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    November 19, 2012

    wow! wow!

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