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Made it back to our apartment yesterday and the first thing I did was clean the fridge and freezer, whew! Feels good to be home. We’re still without heat, but that just seems like an indulgence at this point. It is impressive how some restaurants/shops went right back into operation. We went to Murray’s Cheese and it was packed. They moved all the cheese to a LIC warehouse so nothing was lost. Joe’s was also busy and it was oddly comforting to run into so many neighbors. We’re donating clothes and food to Bowery Mission today, hope things return to order soon. Until then, wanted to share a few more stops from our London trip.

First, lunch at Hereford Road. Amazing lunch deals that change daily (check their website for the updated menu). I went with mom and dad and here’s what we shared:

Bread and butter to start…

…the bread is baked in-house and changes depending on who’s in charge of baking that day.

Beetroot, sorrel and soft-boiled egg.

Soft roes on toast.

Braised middlewhite faggot and split peas.

Whole grilled mackerel, cucumber, and kohlrabi.

Deviled kidneys on toast.

And for dessert, a peach and almond tart with crème fraîche ^_^

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