Kua ‘Aina Goes to London

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Did you guys know there’s a Kua ‘Aina in London?? I definitely did not.

My sister worked at Ward location of Kua ‘Aina this summer. When she told her boss she was going to study abroad in London he told her to check out Kua ‘Aina London.

It’s common for Hawai’i restaurants/chains/chefs to expand into Asia, but rarely do they head to Europe. How neat is this? It’s right off Kingly Street in Soho. They really amped up the Hawaiian-ness of the place. Surfboards and Hawaiian knickknacks everywhere. I almost expected the employees to be wearing leis. The menu is much the same as the ones Hawai’i but with the addition of a few things that should not be on a Kua ‘Aina menu. Like pancakes!

Of course we had to have a meal there and see how it compared to the original Kua ‘Aina location on the North Shore in Hale’iwa.

It was not that great. Not terrible, but definitely not good.

And pricey! Nearly twice what you’d pay in Hawai’i.

The burgers were smaller and over-salted.

The fries were cut too thick and tasted a bit stale. Kua ‘Aina fries are known for being shoestring thin. With a mix of crisp and soggy…a basket of good Kua ‘Aina fries can be heaven. 

But we still had such a good time. A bit of Hawai’i smack in the middle of London. That alone deserves a smile.

*If you’re into tuna-avocado sandwiches, Kua ‘Aina also does that very well.

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    November 10, 2012

    had no idea kua aina had outlet in london. this is great. love your blog!

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