Paris in September

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A few photos from Paris…can’t believe this was just , it feels so far away.

It was mom and dad’s first visit so we redid a bunch of things I did on past visits. But there were many new experiences as well. We stayed with family in Versailles. I met a bunch of cousins for the first time. One of them is my age…only she was so much more chic and spoke French, English, and Vietnamese. With a Spanish boyfriend to match! Clearly I am behind :)

Foie gras salads at Le Comptoir du Relais…

…I also love their hachis parmentier…

…served with some greens for balance ^_^

…and wish there was just one place in NYC that does a Salade Niçoise this well.

But for steak tartare, I prefer .

Next door to the restaurant is L’Avant Comptoir where you can stay for a meal at the tiny, stand-up only bar or get crêpes for takeaway.

Plain butter and sugar is my usual order…though that photo above is my sister’s chocolate and banana crêpe.

We also ate A LOT of Vietnamese food on this trip. We’re Chinese but my parents were born in Vietnamese. Growing up we ate this mishmash of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Hawaiian food. Pretty neat, now that I think about it.  and pho for dinner was not unusual.

Most of the Vietnamese restaurants in Paris are congregated around this one patch in the 13th arr. and my uncle took us to a few of his favorites. Rainy night meals of bò lúc lắc and big bowls of bún bò huế. So comforting, and so good to be around family :)

Mom and dad concluded that the Vietnamese food in Hawai’i was much better…

…but none of us would turn down an offer for chè. Especially when it’s the hot banana and sesame one.

My aunt made spring rolls for dinner one night. Naturally we ate that with foie gras followed by durian and cheese for dessert.

We spent way too much time at the supermarkets and my sister lugged back a suitcase full of pâté for her semester abroad in London.

We’ll be back soon ^_^

  • Honey
    October 25, 2012

    beautiful pics.. love your blog. you travel a LOT. i'd love to see how you fit your budget.. i could learn a thing or 2.. love to travel.

  • anonymous
    October 25, 2012

    Your background sounds a lot like mine! (The Chinese-Vietnamese part, not so much the Hawaii part.) Based in NYC, and love to travel and eat as well!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 27, 2012

    Hi Honey! It's all about balance…I'd rather have experiences (travel, dining, etc) as opposed to objects/material goods. Though I would not complain about having both ^_^Hi Ellen! Very cool! Sometimes I "feel" more Vietnamese than Chinese, even though we're 100% Chinese and I was born in Hawai'i. So confusion, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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