San Francisco Sweets | A Trolley Tour with Scharffen Berger

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My week in San Francisco coincided with an event Scharffen Berger hosted in anticipation of the 2012 Chocolate Adventure Contest. It wasn’t just any chocolate tasting, but a trolley tour to visit sweet spots in the city. I got to bring Kelly and we ran into Laura, a high school friend who’s now at 7X7. Small world.

The theme for this year’s competition? Sandwich Cookies.

We met at the Scharffen Berger shop inside the Ferry Building and then walked (all of twenty feet) to the first stop: Miette. Each of the bakeries created a sandwich cookie for the event and Miette offered chocolate macarons with Sumatra coffee ganache.

From there we hopped onto the trolley…

…which took us to the second stop: Goody Goodie Cream & Sugar.

Of the four sandwiches we had that day, this “Goodywich” was my favorite. An oil-cured olive and cacao nib wafer sandwich with a preserved lemon cream. Complete with fresh basil chopped and folded into the cream. And shot glasses of cold milk.

Then we trolley-ed off to The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley…

…so retro. I’ve had this place on my “to visit” list since reading Alan Richman’s 31 Commandments of Ice Cream in GQ. The Ice Cream Bar is mentioned in #26.

We were offered tastings of all the different ice cream flavors (heaven, heaven!) and then they brought out this tower of just-assembled ice cream sandwiches.

They were huge and decadent (yet we finished it all ;), sandwiching caramelized honey and milk chocolate ice cream between banana “cookies.” They cookies could pass for straight-up banana bread. The whole thing is rolled in crushed cacao nibs and topped with a dark chocolate drizzle.

For the last stop we headed back towards Union Square (in a route that cleverly avoided the Tenderloin). We ended up in the cellar of Macy’s where…

…Yigit Pura demo’ed a new recipe. We watched and devoured these pasilla-spiced cookie sandwiches with chili-infused ganache and cacao nib mudslides…

…and then went upstairs to Yigit’s newly opened Tout Sweet Patisserie.

Champagne and more cake. How could you refuse?

Super thanks to Scharffen Berger for making this SF visit extra fun…a day of sweets and a trolley tour of the city. P.S. Grand prize for the competition is $25,000 ^_^

  • anonymous
    October 11, 2012

    Sounds like a delicious day. I believe another author of a blog I read (yes, dessert blogs are my guilty pleasure!!)was also there – Stephanie from Desserts for Breakfast? She blogged about the Ice Cream Bar, as well.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 11, 2012

    Hi Genesee – ahh yes! Stephanie was indeed there…so much fun to see SF bloggers ^_^

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