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We eat a good deal of non-French food in Paris.

Erawan in the 7th for Thai (at least two visits on every trip!). Pho 14 for pho/Vietnamese. Da Rosa for a simple Italian lunches. And Yoom for dim sum.

For Japanese? I wish I could move to the 6th arr. for a year and eat at all the Japanese restaurants there. For now, I’m fixated on Azabu, a teppanyaki place on rue André-Mazet. They have this dreamy foie gras + rice dish I could eat a million times over and and still crave on a daily basis. I should probably just learn how to cook it at home.

You can order a la carte, but I prefer the set menu. About 70€/person with supplements.

Little appetizers, changes daily. Eggplant, bean sprouts and soybeans, and one perfect, deep-fried and salted potato wedge.

Chawan mushi (with shrimp and enoki mushrooms)

Sake-poached chicken and…

…Salmon tartar

Miso soup to accompany the plats.

Seared scallops…

…and that foie gras over rice dish. I’ve encounter the foie gras + rice combo a few times in Hawai’i (Sansei, Alan Wong’s) but never NYC. Could it be that hard to add to a menu? Foie gras donburi! I’d be their best customer.

And then, dessert. Matcha ice cream with azuki beans…

…and fresh fruit. Gooseberries, kiwi, pineapple, cantaloupe, and currants.

  • anonymous
    August 6, 2012

    Kathy,you wrote that you will be visiting London at some point? I just got back from a short trip to London and my friend and I had some really good food there.We had afternoon tea at Claridge's Hotel. It was excellent! great service, amazing atmosphere, and some of the best scones I've ever had (with apple and rose jam and clotted cream on the side:)Another place we tried was Ffiona's near Kensington. We heard really good things about this place and it was indeed very good. I had fish and chips, which was the special for that day. I didn't know fish and chips could be THAT good. It's a pretty small place but very cozy:)Also, I loved the scones and clotted cream from Costa coffee, which is everywhere throughout the city:phope it helps!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    August 7, 2012

    Hi Bangsil! Thanks so much for the tips, really appreciate it :) Claridge's sounds amazing. Can't wait for London!

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