Monaco. We’ll Have to Return for the Helicopter Ride.

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The “cool” way of getting to Monaco is by helicopter.

We didn’t do that (next time!) We arrived by car since we were in Cannes. But if you take a helicopter from the Nice airport, it’s only 6-minutes to the Moncao heliport. It’s actually affordable considering the cost of gas and parking here. Not to mention the traffic in the summer. Here’s a guy who blogged about his helicopter ride.

Last set of Monaco photos (wanted to gather them all in one place) before we head to Paris. It feels like so long ago…

…though just found out I’m going back to France in September!

Could not be more excited. Will be there for a bit, and then to London. I haven’t been back to London in nearly two decades…would be so grateful for any eating (especially for afternoon tea, sweets, etc) recommendations.

I’ve always been curious about Monaco and when I suggested we add it to our vacation itinerary, Pierre’s first response was, why would you want to visit Monaco? That’s where the tourists go!

I was stunned. I thought everyone wanted to go to Monaco. Right? Wasn’t it like one of those dream, fantasy destinations?

He clarified, that’s where all the American tourists go.

Ahh! Hah. I never thought of Monaco as touristy, but it did turn out to be pack with visitors. Not only Americans though, I saw tons and tons of Asian people ;)

A few interesting things I learned:

  Monaco is dived into two parts: Monte Carlo (the “new section) and Moncao-Ville (“old” Monaco). The two are connected by harbor area called La Condamine.
 – The taxis have no meters….so you’re at the mercy/grace of your driver.
  Monaco is tiny…smaller than Central Park.

 – The people of Monaco are Monegasque. Alain Ducasse included! He gave up French citizenship to become Monegasque. It even sounds glamorous.

 – You know about the tax system right? There are no taxes. No wonder. I should covert.

P.S. It wouldn’t be silly to time your visit with one of Monaco’s quarterly pyrotechnic competition. They’ve been doing this since 1966!

I heard fireworks start just before the cheese course at Louis XV. The manager noticed my curiosity and asked if we wanted to step out onto the hotel’s terrace to watch the show. We did! Fireworks coordinated with such grand music and ahhh it was amazing.

  • anonymous
    August 3, 2012

    Hi Kathy,Dont miss Fortnum and Mason for tea and their fabulous Food Hall and Ottolenghi for lunch in London.Love your french posts.

  • K and S
    August 4, 2012

    so cool! I've had Melt on my London list of chocolates to try.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    August 5, 2012

    Louise and Kat – thanks so much for the tips! Am pulling together a list of places…looks like it will be an especially delicious trip :)

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