Paris, Ice Cream, Why Not?

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I’ve got a post on Serious Eats today about five not-to-miss ice cream spots in Paris.

Martine Lambert, Pain de Sucre, Pierre Hermé, Berthillon, and Pozetto…all the good stuff (sorbet and gelato included). Enjoy ^_^

Pierre Hermé and his Ispahan in sorbet form.

Rose, Raspberry, and Lychee. By the container or sandwiched between two macarons to create the playful Miss Gla’Gla. While we’re at it…he even offers an Ispahan Croissant.

Blueberry Sorbet at Berthillon. Also love the Rose-Raspberry Sorbet.

Fromage Blanc from Pain de Sucre (we’ll talk more about their pastries later…amazing).

Pistachio, Yogurt and Stracciatella at Pozetto.

Martine Lambert’s Blueberry Clafouti Ice Cream…

…how cute is the storefront?

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