This is Nimes.

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Isn’t it beautiful?

I love that the city is somewhat rough and rundown but still elegant (and almost regal!) at the same time. A difficult balance to achieve.

We were super tourists here, visiting Maison Carree…

…La Tour Magne…

…and Arenes de Nimes all in one day.

Listening to the audio guide. This arena was built in 70 AD…mind boggling!

Magnificent bullfights back in the day. Dancers prepping for a concert when we visited.

Lunch at L’Imprévu.

Ripe melons and prosciutto. I dislike sitting outdoors in NYC, but France is a whole different game. Must be the wicker chairs, wide umbrellas, and clean breeze.

These mashed potatoes are right up there with Robuchon’s. Not sure what possessed me to eat roast veal in 100F weather. But I do remember wiping this plate clean. Not a speck left!

Apricot clafouti for dessert…

…and of course, you can never, ever have too much rosé.

Our little reward for this hot day?

Mango sorbet at Maison Villaret ^_^

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