A Foie Gras Bouchon in Avignon

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How can it already be Thursday? We are back in NYC and I just uploaded 1,321 photo onto the computer. Where to begin! France feels so far away, almost like it was all a dream. Perhaps next time we can stay in the dream. Who needs reality anyways.

Let’s start in Avignon and move east, finish in Cap d’Antibes and then circle back to Paris. July 7th-28th marks the annual Avignon Theatre Festival. We arrived in the city on the 6th, just in time to see all the preparations. Fliers, fliers, everywhere!

Scenes from our first lunch. I made good on my promise to Pierre to keep food/restaurant photos to a minimum. It’s a constant (friendly) battle – he thinks we should put away the camera at meals and savor the moment. And I…well, you know :)

At Numero 75. A Magret de Canard salad…

…Eggplant “Mille-Feuille.” Goat cheese, plenty of mint, and roasted peppers stuffed between layers of marinated eggplant…

…and this tiny Foie Gras Bouchon.

A hot, savory cake with a heart of foie gras. Think molten chocolate cakes, only with foie gras instead of chocolate oozing out. Sauteed mushrooms to top and a dish of mushroom sauce on the side. I love the French word for mushrooms. Doesn’t champignon sound so much more chic? Muuushhhrooms vs. Champignon! You pick.

Apricots are in season and we ate them twice a day in varying forms. Apricot clafouti! Apricot tarts! Stewed apricots! Chopped apricots with yogurt (or formage blanc in this case). And of course, fresh apricots from the market…1€ per kilo. What a bargain.

  • anonymous
    July 20, 2012

    Love the presentation of the apricots in yogurt. Looks delicious.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    July 22, 2012

    Thanks Jee! Wish we had more stuff like this in NYC :)

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