Obsessed: Iced Tea by Le Palais des Thés

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For the very hot days and also the not-so-hot days (thunderstorms and hail included).

One tidy box with four compartments, each host to a different tea. It’s like the normal Le Palais des Thés <a href="http://static.squarespace.com/static/51895797e4b07dc9727307ce/518957d3e4b04dec96da1667/5189582ee4b04dec96da22e9/1311029079000/#img if you've got ideas, let me know).

Fill a pitcher with water, add the tea bag (it has an extra long
cord) and leave in the fridge overnight. Clockwise from top left:

 – The des Alizés – green tea with white peach, kiwi, watermelon
 – Thé du Hammam – green tea with rose, berries, orange flower, green dates
 – Oolong 7 Agrumes – oolong with the “seven citrus blend” of lemon, lime, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin
 – Thé des Sources – green tea with mint and bergamot

I had these grand plans to make tea shave ice (mom recently mailed us a manual shave ice machine from Hawaii), tea cocktails, or at the very least fancy it up with berries and mint leaves. But no. I just never got that far. It’s perfect plain and simple.

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