Neta: Satisfying that Uni Itch Once More

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We’ve been visiting Neta for dinner quite often. It’s only two blocks from our apartment and the uni dishes are outstanding. Reason enough? I think so.

There’s that Uni Risotto with king mushroom and summer truffles…

…and another of Uni and Scallops featuring grilled scallops paired with those buttery, briny tongues. Garlic-shoyu and a squeeze of lime. I want to recreate this at home.

And then of course there Uni Nigiri from Santa Barbara, straight up and delicious. That’s akami in the center and ikura on the right.

Non-uni dishes? Oh yes, those exist too. We love the vegetable rolls, especially this Grilled Maitake one. So pure and simple.

Though Pierre’s partial to the Kanpachi and Spicy Potato Roll.

Lots of non-traditional dishes, but of high quality. This is the Szechuan Spiced Salmon with a base of crisp rice, the spiced salmon and a flurry of bonito flakes.

And finally, Duck and Foie. How could you not? Thin-sliced cucumber cup filled with duck meat (along with the skin of course), grilled scallions, and slivers of foie gras.

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