Laurent Gras: My Provence

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If such an opulent room had to exist in a consulate, it would be the French Consulate.

We’re here for a lunch and launch for Laurent Gras: My Provence, a new e-cookbook from the famous French chef. I was so excited to <a href=" thought I'd have the opportunity to see him again.

There’s no actual kitchen inside the French Consulate – the food is by Feasts & Fêtes, Daniel Boulud’s catering company. One day we’ll do a post on the different catering companies in NYC…a fascinating world! We had warm gougères that oozed liquid parmesan, salmon cheminèes, and more rosé than you could imagine.

And then it was time for lunch. Fried artichoke salads with pecorino…

…fresh cod with silky potato puree, green olives, and basil.

And for dessert, cherry clafoutis and espresso pot de crème.

A perfect send off. We leave for Paris and the South of France in a few days…I can hardly wait ^_^

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