Mexico City: Rosetta in Roma

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Lunch at Rosetta in Roma today….I wish we had more time to wander around this neighborhood. The architecture is gorgeous and I can’t believe how many art galleries and cafés are in the area. Will have to make a return trip to Mexico City soon. Everything people told me about the city being dangerous and unsafe couldn’t be further from the truth. Use common sense when traveling and you’ll be fine. Besides, it’s only a five-hour flight from NYC.

House-baked bread…my favorite was one that tasted exactly like the pizza bianca from Sullivan Street Bakery.

Aracini (with a pocket of molten tomato sauce in the very center)…

…cornmeal-dusted calamari and zucchini…

…and a salad of shaved artichokes and parmesan to share.

For our entrees: roasted lamb with zucchini, peppers, and potatoes.

And this salt-crust sea bass…

…ta-dah! A heavy drizzle of olive oil at the table.

I thought I was full until I saw the dessert menu. All you need is a cup of hot tea to make extra stomach space. We’re drinking lapsang souchong today.

A trio of little lemon cannolis…

…and a raspberry mille-feuille. Rosetta serves mille-feuille on Saturdays only, so plan accordingly ;)

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