Mexico City: Biko

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I am not sure why 99% of my photos from our dinner at Biko are completely out of focus…but suffice it to say we had an excellent time. The concierge at the St. Regis was great, confirming us a reservation for our part of three just hours before dinner. We originally wanted to visit Pujuol but that was out of the question as they were booked beyond booked. Perhaps next time.

At Biko we ordered the eight-course tasting menu and added two foie gras dishes a la carte. “Mushrooms and Celery” to start. The bread service…first time, second time.

Foie Gras Cotton Candy…

…followed by Foie Gras Mousse with sliced figs and rice crackers.

White and Green Asparagus in multiple forms.

Crisp Jamón Ibérico, squid, and rice cooked in squid ink.

Onion soup with cotija cheese bread. Before…

(The two bigger balls are filled with liquid hot cheese, the smaller ones are solid.)

…and after.

Sea bass with pipián sauce.


…and then tuna with crispy huitaloche.

A spongy corn cake (dotted in corn kernels) with corn cracker and guava cream poured tableside.

Then churros, little strawberry clouds, and ginger gelée to finish!

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