Honolulu, Hawai’i: Ginger Chicken, Nam Fong

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Pulling this one out of the archives. I had these photos stored on my iphone and meant to post about Chinatown ginger chicken when I was in Honolulu. That was back in March…and somehow it’s already June.

Hope you enjoy nonetheless :)

Dad has an obsession with ginger chicken and we eat it weekly on every trip back home. We go to Nam Fong on Maunakea Street.

One whole ginger chicken please!

$15 with three containers of ginger sauce (they might give more sauce for free if you ask). When I use to come with grandma as a kid the butcher would always cut me a big fatty slice of chair siu to eat while waiting. They don’t do that any longer, sadly.

Then we stop by a grocery shop on King Street to get even more ginger.

Hawai’i ginger for $1.29/lb or China ginger for $.99/lb? Hawai’i of course!!

And swing by Thang’s for

Go home, cook rice. Mom’s on a “healthy eating” kick so we cook purple grain rice…

…and add in LOTS of grated ginger. I peel, dad chops. Mom comes home later.

Make sure to drain the oil out of the ginger sauce. Otherwise it’s just too heavy. But then again, we also add in a few drops of sesame oil and chili peppers.

Slice cucumbers with even more grated ginger on a plate. Bowls of rice, we eat the chicken right out of the styrofoam box. Beer for everyone!

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