A Quartet of Favorites: Asiate, Wontons, Xian, and Scallops

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I keep a notebook on my desk chronicling favorites bites, meals, and moments from each day. It’s just for myself, a little record of things to remember, dishes to recreate at home, and tidbits (often quotes!) I hope will come in handy sometime down the road.

It was a good friend who suggested sharing those notes on the blog, so let’s get started with some favorites meals from the week :) I downloaded an app called Diptic last night, love how easily it allows you to group photos. I swore I’d never be one of those people who get addicted to their iphone, much less pay for an app. But here I am, and that was $.99 well spent.

1. The Quartet served at Asiate (inside the Mandarin Oriental). They change up the brunch quartet frequently, and our last visit showcased a tuna and Nantucket bay scallop roll with seaweed-shitake salad, miso-salmon with fennel and cilantro oil, a warm roasted corn soup with truffle foam, and lobster spring roll.

2. Making wontons at home. Folding all sorts of dumpling shapes is like therapy for me. I try do to this at least once every two weeks. Who needs a therapist when you have a hundred dumpling wrappers and a mixing bowl full of chives, ground pork, fresh grated ginger, water chestnuts, and sesame oil?

3. Spicy Beef Noodles from Xian Famous Foods. Ask for it extra spicy. Guaranteed to cure any cold, cough, or ailments. Don’t forget to pick up one of their cumin-lamb burgers for afternoon snack.

4. Raw Diver Scallops from ABC Kitchen. Pierre and I visit ABC Kitchen pretty often, usually on Monday night for light and simple dinners. This raw scallop dish is nothing short of amazing, sliced just thin enough and served chilled with green chilies, pistachios and mint.

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