Palm Beach, Part III: Café Boulud

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It’s noon and I’m still in bed. Working. Thinking about last night’s dinner. Having breakfast in bed. This is the best part about vacation. My bed at home is not nearly as grand, and I love being able to lay out all my papers, laptop and stuff across the bed and get work done. Is it possible I’m more efficient when away from home? I’m relaxed but still productive. Maybe I should go on permanent vacation ;)

We had dinner at Café Boulud Palm Beach yesterday (the original Café Boulud is on 76th Street in NYC). It’s conveniently located in our hotel and the restaurant also handles the hotel’s room service, pretty neat right? Pierre drank “New Fashioneds” all night and I started with this Jaipur Sour (that’s a curry leaf and fennel seeds perched atop the ice cube) before moving onto wine and finally tea with dessert.

There was a chicken liver mousse amuse bouche to begin, and then we shared appetizers. First, Crispy Stuffed Squash Blossom – a single squash blossom stuffed tight with ramps risotto, deep-fried and served with a squash fricassée, baby tomatoes, and basil (all from nearby Swank Farms).

We also had the Grilled Spanish Octopus – octopus presented on a bed of saffron “paellita” with olives, chorizo, and a saffron aioli. A tiny salad of fennel, orange, and arugula to top.

For entrees, my Trio of Pork. From left to right:
 – Bacon-wrapped tenderloin with housemade sauerkraut
 – Milk-braised belly with grilled ramps-pommes puree
 – Crisp shoulder confit with sweet corn and fava bean farrotto

And for Pierre, the Prime Rib of Beef – that’s a baby caesar at left and haricot verts to the right…

….which came with crisp, well-salted Fries. There was a housemade ketchup, though I prefer dipping those fries into the bordelaise sauce which accompanied the prime rib.

Pierre opted for another cocktail in place of dessert, though I had to go for this classic: the Upside Down Chocolate Soufflé. It’s made with Guanaja chocolate and served with pistachio ice cream. Chocolate lava cake, hot chocolate soufflé, molten chocolate cake – however you choose call it, there’s something immediately comforting about diving into your own little chocolate cake, still hot with a liquid interior.

Pierre didn’t even try to ask for a bite – smart man. If you’re curious, here’s what the NYC version of this same dessert at Café Boulud looks like. I also had my eye on the Strawberry-Mascarpone Roll…hopefully we’ll go back for drinks + dessert tonight.

And of course, Daniel’s signature Warm Madelines to finish. These were excellent though I actually prefer the ones at Dominique Ansel – more delicate, lighter with a hint of lemon. Not complaining though, you know I have a weakness for madelines.

  • anonymous
    May 19, 2012

    Amen! There is no better desk than a big, plush hotel bed. That prime rib is everything. Hope my home state is treating you well!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    May 20, 2012

    Indeed!!Especially with the fries.It is, it is! Minus the mosquito bites…they are FIERCE! ^_^

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