Palm Beach, Part II: Vias, Passages, Courtyards

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….but you only have to turn into the vias to find these colorful, quiet courtyards, like a secret garden with fountains and music mysteriously coming from somewhere, someplace. The individually owned and one of a kind shops are tucked into these courtyards, and those are the shops that make Worth Avenue worth visiting. 

One of the many courtyards is home to Cafe via Flora, an open air cafe. We slipped into a table for two just after noon. It’s a bold 85F outside and nothing sounds better than iced tea and light nibbles. Herbed crackers, white bean puree and spicy olives. 

A pear salad for Pierre…

…and beet salad for myself. Orange segments, red onions, gorgonzola, and candied walnuts. Nothing particularly inventive or special. But just right for the moment.

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  • Cassaendra
    May 20, 2012

    Hi Kathy~I love the beautiful photographs of the courtyard. I didn't realize it until a bit later that it reminds me of courtyards back home in Hawaii (even the architecture), which is why I probably love this so much.

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