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I keep my beauty regime simple…but the sight (all that packaging!) and touch of new beauty products makes my heart pound faster. Can’t help it. I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to products. Maybe this will perfect my skin. Forever. Or maybe a spray of that will create sexy beach hair. Without going to the beach of course. I usually end up sticking to my boring routine. But still, it is so much fun to play.

We’re at Henri Bendel for the launch of Per-fékt Beauty – they just put a big Per-fékt display in the store windows. Richard Anderson (president/creator) is here for the fête. He’s the guy behind beauty brands of Yves Saint Laurent and Bobbi Brown.

Richard describes Per-fékt in one sentence: “It’s like walking around with good lighting all day.” The idea is one product operates as your foundation/primer/color, and that you don’t need anything else. It’s light and feels like a mousse. Per-fékt started with a skin gel which then grew into lines for body, lips and eyes. Much to explore. Another glass of champagne and pass that spearmint-kissed lip gel pretty please.

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