Palm Beach, Part I: The Brazilian Court Hotel

Thursday, May 17, 2012 1 No tags Permalink 0

Happy Thursday! Just checked in at the The Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach.

I’ve scored 11 mosquito bites in an hour…but the bathrobes here are so plush and luxurious nothing else matters :) Working in the library room all afternoon…

…and trying very hard not to get distracted with endless games of Chinese Checkers. I used to play this with mom and dad at home – just the sight of the colorful marbles bring back good memories. Pierre won round one. But I’ll win tonight, fingers crossed.

Daniel Boulud has his second location of Café Boulud in the hotel…excited to visit tomorrow evening for dinner. In the meantime, they delivered this welcome teaser of petit fours to the room. Precious! Pistachio financiers, coconut macaroons and chocolate-lavender macarons. Strawberry pâté de fruit, caramel-chocolates, and honey marshmallows. Pastel napkins and plates to match.

We stopped at Ta-boo for lunch then went window shopping along Worth Avenue. The vias/small passages are gorgeous but the people watching is mesmerizing. Blonds, money, and plastic surgery in the extreme. All the stereotypes seem to be oh-so true.

At Ta-boo – a simple salmon over lentils and asparagus for Pierre (he’s the healthy one) and this ginormous plate nachos for myself. Black bean chili, fresh avocado, red and green tomatoes, cheddar cheese, salsa and anything else you can possibly imagine. See you tomorrow!

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  • marcuscoaching
    May 18, 2012

    Welcome to Town.Enjoy and bring your greatness.

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