Peking Duck House: A Whole Duck and Soup

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Lunch: a whole peking duck for the two of us. Must go with a Mandarin speaker when visiting Peking Duck House…otherwise they give you the scrawny ducks. Make sure to ask for the duck carcass as well, good for making soup. Leave nothing to waste.

Duck carved at the table, served with steamed pancakes. The pancakes run on the large side, so I cut them in half before assembling each roll. A smear of hosin, equal parts scallions and cucumbers and finally that crisp, savory duck. Oh man. If you run out of pancakes just eat the duck plain. If no one is watching I’d eat it with my fingers and then lick off all the fat and juices. Diet Coke on the side. It only seems right.

And to finish, a separate order of hot duck soup. Not on the menu but they always have it available. It’s cleansing – napa cabbage, tofu and duck meat. Needs a bit of salt, but otherwise an ideal finish to the meal.

Peking Duck House
28 Mott Street
New York, NY 10038
(212) 227-1810


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