Sunday, Wölffer Estate, and Rosé

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Does anything feel better than a fun and accomplished weekend? I think not. Hard work (and a bit of luck) really does pay off and I’m excited to start this week strong. Flying to Palm Beach in a bit, back to NYC for a barely a day, and then off to
St. Martin. Can’t sit still, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The above photo was shot this afternoon at Wölffer Estate in the Hamptons. 70F with just enough shade, a bottle of wine and good
company. Wölffer makes one of our favorite table rosé, and today we tasted them alongside the Grandioso Rose 2010 and Noblesse Oblige Sparkling Rose 2008. Sometimes life is just that good.

P.S. Adam Sachs captured rosé perfectly in this Travel + Leisure article. I remember reading that article on this exact afternoon in Paris last summer. There was one paragraph I especially loved (and have all but memorized). It always makes me smile:

“Rosé is kryptonite to clichés. Rosé is all, like, whatèvre.
Tell it that’s not even a real word, and rosé just shrugs and pours
another glass for its hot girlfriend. Let the wine nerds wrestle with
one another. Rosé rolls its eyes and says: Relax, pass the aioli, take a
swim, have another glass and maybe another.”

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