NYC: Uni Pasta, Foie Gras and Scallops at Tocqueville

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Sometimes life feels like a collection of obsessions and cravings. As soon as I satisfy one thing, another comes up. There’s always something. After same owners as 15 East). I love this place at lunch because it’s always quiet and serene. I also love that there are no windows in the dining room so it feels like you’ve stepped into another city, another place. But above all, I love that I get zero phone reception in there.

Lauren joined for lunch – I haven’t seen her in months so we got to do some solid catch up over this leisurely meal. Warm brioche to start. Soft butter. Hibiscus iced tea…

…and an amuse of beet-cured salmon and ramp pesto.

This is what I was craving. Santa Barbara Urchin And Angel Hair
. Many restaurants offer uni pasta (Marea, Basta
Pasta to name a few), but the one at Tocqueville is the best. No competition. It’s a decadent dish, but they keep it balanced with crisp
seaweed, lime, and a bit of shoyu. The portion is generous, and the one
you see above is a half-portion. For a truly over the top photo, you’ll have to see this one…stunning right?

Lauren had Seared Yellowtail Tuna Niçoise for her entree. A deconstructed niçoise of greens, radishes, green beans,
and fingerling potatoes with a black olive vinaigrette. Complete
with soft boiled egg and tomato compote (to the left of the egg).

I went the heavier route with Diver Sea Scallops And Foie Gras. Two
enormous, sweet scallops – crisp and well browned on the outside, and
just cooked on the inside, topped with seared foie gras. I needed an
extra brioche to soak up all that sauce, a cider vinegar gastrique with
wild mushrooms, sunchokes, and a tiny dice of green apples. Once I muster up enough courage to cook foie gras at home (am dying to learn how to make a proper terrine and also to just sear a lobe without the whole thing melting away), you can count on plenty of foie gras-related cooking posts!

Then it was off for an afternoon of tea at Bosie and followed by supper at home, couch potato-style with marathon of Denzel Washington movies.

Tocqueville Restaurant
1 East 15th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 647-1515

  • Shoko
    May 6, 2012

    Love it! I want that pasta right now! :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    May 7, 2012

    Hi Shoko! I totally thought of you while I was there!! ^_^

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