On Room Service and Visiting the Gym

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It’s 2am in the morning and all I can think about is how I wished I lived in a hotel with 24-hour room service. Because if that was the case, I’d call up an order of sunny-side up eggs, bacon and toast with extra butter right this second. But until then, I’ll have to make do with leftover Thai curry from dinner. At least we have sticky rice!

Spot Dessert Bar

On another note, I went to my very first spin class tonight. I
mentioned joining the gym in January, and since then I’ve been going
regularly once a week. Except I skipped all of March because I was
traveling and then all of April because I forgot about my
membership. So when May rolled around along with jiggles of physical
evidence, I decided it was time to get in shape.

What better way to
do so than with a spin class right? I enlisted Diana (who has incredible abs) and off we went. The thing about this gym is that it’s
the type of gym where everyone there is already in shape. So if you’re
not in shape, you are behind.

And that came across pretty
obviously when I could barely make
it though the first 10 minutes of class. All that up, down, up, down on the
stationary bike…it was the “up” part that really killed me.
Eventually I gave up and did the whole thing sitting down. If you spin
(and god bless if you do) you know what I mean. And if not, watch
this video. They really do turn the
lights down low and blast the music loud. There’s even a disco ball in
the middle of the room. We had an extra peppy instructor, and I made
sure to note down her words of wisdom.

How do you do something is how you do everything.
I didn’t necessarily agree with that one.

Look ahead, focus, look straight forward, that is your future.
Unfortunately I
picked the bike that directly faced a big grey pole.

90% of your body is what you eat. Protein. Fruits. Vegetables.
She failed to mention dessert! Uni! Foie gras! Alas.

It was exciting to break a sweat, but spin might be too intense for me.
When class ended I suggested to Diana that we reward ourselves with sweets. We went to Spot Dessert Bar for boba. Then one thing led to another and soon we were devouring crème brûlée, custard-stuffed doughnuts,
banana pudding at ChikaLicious. I’m all about rewarding yourself
though I tend to overdo it when it applies to gym visits. At this rate I
might be better toned if I just skip the gym altogether…

  • anonymous
    May 5, 2012

    Wow Kathy, that is my kind of night! Suffering through a sweat session, only to wind up with double desserts… bravo – sounds great to me!

  • Cassaendra
    May 5, 2012

    Hi Kathy, Good life is about balance. You do it fabulously well! ;) The instructor also forgot coffee+tea. Again, beautiful shots!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    May 5, 2012

    Thanks Amy! Ahaha, it was such a fun Friday night…a good change from the usual! ^_^Thanks Cassandra! Ahh yes, coffee + tea, a must! ^_^

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