No Kitchen Required

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I’m one of those people that fill up on bread and butter before the actual food rolls around. By accident of course. Hard to resist, especially when the bread is warm and soft, and the butter at room temperature. Or in this case, when tortilla chips are just-fried, the guacamole lush with a kick, and black bean dip comes topped with cheese.

So by the time the first course arrived, I was technically full. And yet between the heat of the cocktails, huitlacoche quesadilla and soothing goat innards soup, there was somehow, always room for just one more bite. The dinner was sponsored by BBC America to launch a new show, “No Kitchen Required.” First season films in Hawai’i (!!) and we were treated to previews along with an excellent dinner by NY Bite Club and cocktails from Joaquin of Death and Co.

Dishes took inspiration from Chihuahua, Mexico, six in total with cocktails to match. What I loved most was bobo chicken so tender that fork and knife proved unnecessary and the roasted baby goat with four-chili gravy. And when I was fairly sure the elastic on my jumpsuit was about snap, we found space for cinnamon-scented flan and iced horchata by the flute ;)

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  • anonymous
    April 2, 2012

    Thank you so much for coming. it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for participating in such a fun night.All the best,Daniel and

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