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It wasn’t until I returned home this evening – after a full day of breakfast, events, and dinner, did I realize I never once strayed off Mercer Street. It’s one of the streets I love most in NYC (second only to Bond Street!), and we’re fortunate to live on it.

This morning: woke early, a pot of pu-erh, and magazines. Slow, easy start to Sunday.

11am, strolled down Mercer to purchase espresso pods from Nespresso at the corner of Prince Street, then crossed the street for a chocolate on chocolate cupcake (that counts as breakfast) and tea from 12pm, time to get ready for the IACP Culinary Expo further down on 82 Mercer. Chambre de Sucre exhibited this year and the turnout was amazing.

We were in good company with other local businesses such as Lucy’s Whey, Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost, and Artopolis. Saw so many familiar faces and met just as many new friends. Exhausting but well worth it.

5:30pm, back home for a warm bath (so rainy today), a glass of prosecco, and more reading/email work.

7pm, ready for dinner. Back down Mercer to Niko, our uni in particular!) every Sunday. And with most sushi places (Sushi Soto, Ushiwakamaru, 15 East, Yasuda…the list goes one) closed that day, Niko has turned into our ever reliable spot. Uni, salmon, toro, and anago…

…their excellent Japanese fried chicken…

…small vegetable dishes like grilled miso eggplant with sweet chili….

…a soft shell crab roll…

…and more uni to finish. Then it’s back up Mercer, just in time for a Sunday night movie at home.

  • anonymous
    April 2, 2012

    Wow. More uni. :)Welcome back to NYC. I'm so ready for spring to come.

  • anonymous
    April 2, 2012

    we live on mercer, too, although a bit north of houston! best street in the city :o)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    April 2, 2012

    Thanks Kim! Ready for spring as well! :)Hi Anon! Ooo we are north of Houston as well!! ^_^

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