Four Seasons Thailand: Tented Camp Golden Triangle

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One can dream right?

The Four Seasons: Tented Camp Golden Triangle has been on my must-visit list since they first opened.

I’ll get there eventually, but till then…this wakes all the wanderlust inside me.

How dreamy would it be to spend a week (or two) in these tents, in the middle of Chiang Rai. It’s like camping…but with all the luxuries of staying at a Four Seasons. There’s only 14 tents/rooms in the entire property and a staff of 100+. Oh man.

Elephants, hand-hammered copper bathtubs, open air spas in the bamboo forest and it’s only 30-minutes away from Burma. One day, one day.

[all photos from the Four Seasons]
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  • Cecilia Yang
    March 29, 2012

    i apologize in advance if this note ends up being creepy, but…a couple weekends ago i was in NYC (visiting from SF!) and was walking around west village with a couple of my girlfriends (i just know i was by le petit puppy on christopher st) and i saw you on the street corner with Pierre!i think you were getting something out of your eye? so i didn't interrupt and say hi (i also got a little shy) but anyway, I couldn't believe the coincidence. end of random note. i love your blog, your photography, and your writing! been reading for more than a couple years now :)

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