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Whew, exhausted! Just got back from The Wedding Party, an annual event organized by The Wedding Library and Martha Stewart Weddings. I went with Lisa for work and devoured one too many cupcakes and wedding cake samples. Nothing scares me more than crazy brides-to-be, and while the event was both fun and hectic, it confirmed that when my day rolls around…eloping is the only option I’ll consider ;)

Frites ‘n’ Meats, Gorilla Cheese Truck, and Eddie’s Pizza Truck provided the lunch portion of the event. The trucks were stationed in a cluster in the courtyard of the New York Palace Hotel. They served mini-portions of signature dishes and we made sure to try everything. Gorilla’s American grilled cheese and tater tots proved most addictive.

The actual event took place on the 5th floor of the hotel. Caterers, floral design, stationary, makeup, photographer, travel services, venues, fine bone china, and even a dermatologist. Everything you need for a wedding, and then some.

I just zeroed in on all the cake vendors, so indulgent and whimsical.

Can you imagine how excited I was to see L’arte del Gelato at the event? Hands down, the best gelato in NYC.

Here’s Salvatore (the owner) and I…he’s a genuinely nice guy and I love seeing how his business has grown over the years. Mom and dad always make sure to stop by the West Village location of L’arte whenever they visit from Hawai’i.

Classic combo – pistachio and strawberry.

We also spotted Ron Ben-Israel and his fabulous cakes…

…as well as his cake samples! On the left: almond cake with coconut and Nutella buttercream. And on the right: graham cracker cake with lemon curd and marshmallow filling. A little meringue kiss to top.

Plenty of beautiful table displays…wish we had room for a long dining table at home.

Marcia Selden Catering showcased an all-white food display with candles to match…think endives and white asparagus on the savory side, marshmallows and petit fours for sweets. Callahan Catering was in a different room. They didn’t have a noteworthy display, but I’ve been to BITE by BITE, it’s at the top of my to-buy list!

One Girl Cookies was another standout vendor. They also just came out with a new cookbook, and their second bakery location is supposed to open in Dumbo next week! No mini whoopie pies today but we did have…

…raspberry-lemon and hazelnut cupcakes.

Some rooms were more crowded than others…

Lisa made friends with a photo vendor…and then we definitely took advantage of the photo booth on the way out, heheh.

  • La enredadera
    January 30, 2012

    I follow your blog for a long time, but I've never dared to comment. I don't love my english very much!!But today, I don't know why, I couldn't help it, I have been forced, jajaja.I love your this!! Watch all the things you eat, and your culinary adventures. Like you, I always want to taste everything.Today, despite the beautiful cakes, my favourites are the pistachio ice cream and the raspberry-lemon cupcakes (winner combination).Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  • anonymous
    January 31, 2012

    It looks like One Girl Cookies' cupcakes ruled! I have to sample some…

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