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Stopped by YuZu for a quick lunch with mom and dad. They just opened inside Ala Moana Hotel, housemade udon, yakitori, and temari sushi balls on the menu. The restaurant is tucked in the back of the hotel, hard to find, but they validate parking!

They’re in soft opening mode, so there aren’t many choices at the moment. We tried the entire lunch menu which included this temari sushi sampler. Six pieces for $10.95 – tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, unagi, and snapper. We categorize this as fun sushi, not serious or top quality, but good for what it aims to be: creative, fresh and healthy (the owners used to own Hale Macrobiotic). Each orb came topped with anything from jalapeños and yuzu to shiso and ume. Doesn’t satisfy a genuine sushi craving and certainly not for purists, but sure is pretty, so whimsical.

Here’s the Kakiage Udon Combo ($9.95). They used fine shredded gobo (burdock root) with whole shrimp for the kakiage…I could snack on this all day. Fresh udon – thick and chewy, served cold. Bowls of green onion and wasabi, dipping sauce on the side.

If you want the udon hot (dad and I like it warm, mom prefers udon cold), go with Spicy Sukiyaki Beef Udon Combo ($9.95). The sukiyaki is excellent, generous on the thin-cut beef, toasted sesame seeds and nori. Dip the noodles into the sauce, and after you finish the noodles, spoon the hot cooking water into the sukiyaki bowl. It’s soup! Drink up. I’ll be back for this dish.

Add $5 to any of the udon dishes for two pieces temari sushi (tuna and snapper) and two chicken yakitori sticks. It’s a good deal and makes lunch feel much more complete.

A plate of YuZu Fries ($5.95) to share. Thick cut and served with a trio of sauces…a bare sprinkle of Hawaiian salt was my favorite accompaniment.

410 Atkinson Drive
Inside the Ala Moana Hotel
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 943-1155

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