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When we have guests over, all the “good” candles come out. All the Toccas, all the Jo Malone, Annick Goutal and beautiful diptyque numbers. But when it’s just me in the late afternoon (the sun sets at 4pm now!) I tend to burn the other candles. Much more affordable votives found at the market or neighborhood drugstore. It saves a ton of money, but there is often a downside to these other candles: boring, lackluster design. I’ve been searching for a great holder to tuck them in and finally found one last week.

This golden gem at ABC Carpet & Home just north of Union Square. ABC is like a gigantic dollhouse. Everything you could desire – housewares, clothing, furniture, fragrances, and even food. They’re constantly updating and changing scenes in this store. I stop in once a week and it’s always a new, whimsical experience. Addictive.

The votive holder was tucked away on this wall, two shelves of all things gold and silver, light and muted and glitter with porcelain artfully tangled in the mix. Dishes, bowls and cups. And lots of random goodies, seemingly purposeless, but so beautiful.

Clear, silver and gold – caught my eye in an easy second.

Took it home and tucked in a basic candle. Light a match, and voilĂ !

  • K and S
    December 5, 2011

    I hear Laduree has candles too, have you tried them?! I hope the one in Osaka has them :)

  • anonymous
    December 5, 2011

    That's lovely!Kathy, which Annick Goutal candle do you like?

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 5, 2011

    Hi Kat! Oo I've seen them in the NYC and Paris stores as well, love how there's a scent to match (almost) every macaron. The pistachio is amazing!!! And the candle holder in all those soft pastel colors are beautiful, I use the empty holder to store pens and pencils!Thanks Michele! :) Bote Epice and La Rose are my two go-to candles from Annick Goutal…I've yet to try the rest, but will be sure to post as I do! :)

  • anonymous
    January 28, 2012

    ! I just found your blog- by accident- (looking up 'Dammann Freres' teapots because I was treated me to 'Afternoon Tea' at Bergdorf's and..) for candle inspiration- to a fellow candle-o-phile!:I own a beautiful, pale green glass vase- quite large. etched into the sides are lovely, tall birch-like trees.I don't keep branches or flowers in it. I fill it with water up to the beginning of the trees' trunks (etched in 'grass' underneath..) and float a tea candle inside a glass holder.turn off the lights and it's like fairyland- the trees lit from! and I recommend any beautiful colored and/or etched vase!happy experimenting..

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