Afternoon Tea at Bergdorf’s

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You’d be surprised by how busy this place gets on a Monday afternoon.

Take the escalator up to the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman. There’s an elevator as well, but escalators are just so much fun. A glimpse of each floor. Handbags! Shoes! Furs! More furs! More shoes! Buttery scarves and luxurious coats. And then you reach the home floor. The 7th floor is my favorite. Think La Maison du Chocolat, Bellocq, Angelina, and YokuMoku all in one room. It’s where they stock endless rooms of tea platters, pots and cups. It’s where you’ll find gilded bar carts and fox fur rugs. And the candles! There’s a whole room for just candles. Lafco, Diptyque, Ladurée, and the king of them all….Cire Trudon. Save all that for later, now it’s time for tea.

Make a left into BG Restaurant and make sure they seat you in one of those silly wonderful cocoon chairs (Lisa‘s sitting in one at the top photo). They come in gold and Tiffany blue and I’d love to just curl up in one for the entire afternoon.

A pot of Anji white tea. They serve Dammann Frères, tea menu/selection here.

Here comes the afternoon tea tiers. Finger sandwiches, scones and sweets.

Six sandwiches: egg salad, smoked salmon, cucumber-cream cheese, turkey and sesame, and cranberry chicken salad, and tuna salad. All very ordinary, but good enough. We did agree however that it’s best when the type of sandwiches served at afternoon tea are ones that you wouldn’t likely assemble yourself at home. Case in point, teas sandwiches from The Plaza, Russian Tea Room, and Pierre Hotel.

Vanilla-raisin scones and frosted tea cakes. One in caramel, another with berries. Jars of honey, fig jam, and apricot preserves. Buttery devon cream nestled in a pot.

Two macarons, lemon curd in chocolate shell, miniature pumpkin pie tarts, and a final tart that tasted like a cross between gingerbread and pecan pie. That is a good thing.

Lisa and I shared a single order of the tea set and the Seared Tuna Salad. Baby arugula, roasted red peppers, wild mushrooms, egg mimosa, preserved lemon, and champagne vinaigrette. It felt very right to eat a salad here ;)

Glasses of Iced Chai before the clock turns 6pm. Dusk. Sun down. Cool autumn air. Views of Central Park. Now let’s go back to take another look at that fox fur rug…

  • K and S
    November 8, 2011

    sounds like a nice afternoon!

  • anonymous
    November 8, 2011

    The 7th floor is my favorite, too. (I always take the escalator in BG!) A good friend of mine and I took lunch at the cafe about once a week before I moved to Philly. That table was totally our table! :) I was back in the city last week and was so excited to see BG is carrying Bellocq now!! Awesome. I'm the only girl in the world who walks out of BG with only a canister of tea. ;)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    November 9, 2011

    Hi Kat! It sure was! ^_^Hi R! Ahaha, sometimes a canister of tea is all I can afford there! ;) I just love how it feels on the 7th floor, can totally imagine the space as an elegant UES apartment with all the rooms…and…if only I could get those cocoon chairs for my apt! ^_^

  • Erin Caden Rogers
    March 22, 2012

    If you were coming with 4 friends for tea at 4:30 @ BG before seeing a show @ 7pm, how many orders would you go with? We will do the service with champagne & can always order that in addition. Any suggestions?

  • Erin Caden Rogers
    March 22, 2012

    I've got a 4:30 reservation for 5 ladies to have afternoon tea with champagne before seeing a show at 7. Did you find the tea service adequate to share? A few of the ladies might drink the tea but mostly champagne drinkers her:). Any other suggestions would be lovely. Thanks!

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