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These new Frangelico Truffles from MarieBelle officially come out next Tuesday…but I thought you might want to take a quick peek ;)

Stunning packaging as always. Silky brown ribbons and perfect bows. The Blue + Brown boxes are MarieBelle’s signature colors and packaging style. These Red + Blue boxes (pictured above) were introduced later. Both are ridiculously gorgeous, so sturdy and could easily be mistaken for a jewelry box. That in fact, might be the point.

These chocolates are a collaboration between MarieBelle and Frangelico. The result? Dark chocolate ganache infused with hazelnut liquor. You can taste vanilla and almond in there as well. Patchwork squares in shades of pink, orange, brown, and deep red cover the surface. A bit of art, a kiss of chocolate, and a whole lot of luxury.

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