A View from the Street

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Spotted on the way home. I love Tribeca in the evenings, just past 11pm. Here on Thursday night, we are on Duane Street, between West Broadway and Hudson Street. A glimpse into the kitchens of Bouley, where we dined for lunch in the summer.

Take a step closer, the pastry kitchen is just to the left. Everyone is busy at work. Outside it’s 50F with a light breeze. Locanda Verde is a few blocks north if you’re in the mood for a nightcap. But instead, let’s stand here and stare into the windows. It makes me think of this night where I chanced upon a noodle factory in east Chinatown. Eerie quiet outside, and a steady calm rhythm of rolling dough, flour in the air.

NYC is full of these magical spots, but I seem to come about them less frequently the longer I live here. Tonight, a block away, I celebrated the launch of Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s cookbook, Neue Cuisine The Elegant Tastes of Vienna at Blaue Gans. We feasted on veal schnitzel, foie gras rolled in pretzels, smoked trout, herring, warm chestnut soup, and more glasses of wine than I can remember. For dessert: apple strudel and Sachertorte. A ten-minute cab ride home, shower and tumble into bed.

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