A Paris Tea and Cookies

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Remember our tour of the Harney & Sons factory in Millerton the other week? Well at the very end of the tour, John Harney led us to a cluster of shelves that were filled – almost to the ceiling, of perfect tea tins. Endless rows and rows of color, columns and columns of every Harney & Sons tea imaginable.

It was like something out of a wild dream, only this was real. He said, “pick! any tea! any one!” And so we did, and that is my little tin of “Paris” you see.

Make sure to save the tins, they make wonderful containers for sparkly things and treasures. But first, we drink. “Paris” is a black tea blend, tasting of vanilla and faintly of citrus notes that come with earl grey. Breathe deep and you’ll pick up whiffs of Harney’s black currant – the very first flavored tea they introduced years ago.

And what is tea without a few sweets to nibble on? Thank you to Sara and Ryan for these Momofuku Milk Bar cookies. Simultaneously chewy and buttery, wide, indulgent discs studded in chocolate chips and…

…cornflakes and marshmallows, oh yes.

  • K and S
    November 30, -0001

    lucky you :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 21, 2011

    heheh, thanks kat ^_^

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