NYC: Carts in the Parc 2011

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Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Pierre and I took it easy with lots of life admin and organization. Late afternoons at Otto and even later dinners at Balthazar complete with steak frites and goat cheese tarts. It was the NYC Food & Wine Fest this weekend and I attended SWEET 2011 (recap here on Serious Eats!) with Robyn on Friday and Carts in the Parc with April (thank you!) yesterday afternoon.

There are so many food trucks/carts in the city, I though I’d never get around to visiting them all. But Carts in the Parc took out the hard work and aggregated the trucks/carts at the Eventi Hotel’s outdoor space, aka the Parc. Fingers crossed, no rain! We were lucky with the weather until the very last minute when dark clouds and rain descended without warning. One last bite of that rib eye taco from Korilla and we were off, decidedly stuffed and quite happy.

A few snapshots from the afternoon…

A truck of desserts from Sweet Street Desserts. Pick and choose as many as you desire.

This cream puff was HUGE, and pumped tight with a pudding-esque cream, the top half drenched in chocolate.

Say hello to the Mermaid Sundae from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Good thing the portions were small otherwise I could easily down a container of this. That’s vanilla ice cream with key lime curd, graham crackers, and whipped cream. If it sounds like a cheesecake, that’s exactly what it tasted like, oh yes.

A plate of chicken briyani and kati roll to share from the Biryani Cart.

Ginger slush with mint and blueberries from Kelvin Natural Slush Co. Right before this we ate a few things I forgot to take photos of. This includes meaty lamb ribs, sausages, and my favorite plate of the day: Red Farm’s flash fried cod on an avocado tart.

A little tasting plate from Schnitzel & Things including chicken schnitzel with Sriracha mayo, Austrian potato salad and red cabbage potato salad.

Warm butternut squash soup with candied pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and roasted apples from Rouge Tomate. I didn’t enjoy the restaurant (on 60th Street right off Central Park) very much when we visited, but this soup was near perfect, warm and comforting, a contrast of textures with the right balance of sweet and salty.

The Belle at Melt Bakery: peach ice cream with brown butter bourbon shortbread. Julian and Kareem are going to make fried mini-pies starting in a few weeks…ahh exciting!! I shall be the first one there, rain or shine.

NY Dosa Cart was serving up huge portions of his Pondicherry Dosa. This cart is parked on the south side of Washington Square Park Mondays-Saturdays, and I usually stop by for lunch every other week. Filled with potatoes and vegetables, the Pondicherry is Thiru Kumar’s most popular dosa, but I suspect his vegan drumstick (made out of soy protein) is even more popular because it’s sold out every time I ask for it. And I’ve been asking for five years now!

Fried pork chop and rice at Bian Dang. Complete with pork sauce and pickled vegetables.

The final bite of the day: rib eye tacos from Korilla BBQ. That’s pickle was so huge I had to remove it in order to eat the taco without a mess. But it proved to be a ideal cleanser – sharp and briny, as the very last bite before we left. I’d call Sunday afternoon a success.

  • anonymous
    October 3, 2011

    I really love your idea of success!Alan

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 4, 2011

    Hi Alan! Bwahaha that's how I stay so happy all the time ;)

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