Is it a Girl Thing? Obsessed with Rose Tea Blends

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It’s a girl thing isn’t it? This obsession with rose. Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate rose into everything. Rose syrup for cocktails and tea infusions. Rose water poured into a spritz bottle makes for the ultimate facial refresher when you’re out all day. Candied rose petals to top cupcakes (even doughnuts!) and…

…who can forget rose macarons? This one is from Ladurée heheh.

My tea collection at home is literally exploding over the entire apartment. So I set aside an hour last night to organize. Not by brand, but by tea type and/or blend type. The rose ones are always the prettiest, no surprise there.

I love the blends by Nini at Tay Tea. Always beautifully balanced and truly a sight for the eyes. In the evenings (no more caffeinated teas after 4pm otherwise I can’t sleep at night!) Pierre and I often drink A Day in Provence. That’s the one pictured right above, a blend of rooibos with lavender, rose petals, red and black currants, as well as rose hips. That first photo at the top of this post is also one of Nini’s blends: Persian Rose. It couples Ceylon bergamot tea with rose petals, organic rose buds, green cardamom and borage. Cardamom and rose together? Who knew it could work so well. Now I’m itching to find a dessert recipe to incorporate both flavors. Madelines perhaps!

The Rose-Scented black tea from Harney & Sons is a fun, simple blend. It’s also cheap, and good for experimenting when making iced tea infusions. Serve chilled with halved lychees…delicious. Fresh is good, though canned lychees work better because you can mix in a spoonful of the syrup that the fruit comes canned with. Rose and lychee together is amazing. This flavor combination is almostispahan. Will add raspberries next time.

There’s a new tea atelier in town, and it’s called Bellocq. I met the owners at the 2011 Gift Show last month, and not only are their teas great, the people behind it are just as sweet. They had one of the most beautiful (and crowded) booths at the exhibition, and are cropping up all over the place. Just spotted them at Bergdorf’s and Cursive in Grand Central the other week.

Bellocq’s No. 20 Kikuya has a green tea base with rose petals and rose essence. Most of Bellocq’s tea are organic. The “organic” part is important to many people but it really doesn’t matter for me when it comes to tea. In fact, some of the best teas in this world are not organic because they come from small artisan tea growers. The tea growers work on such a small scale that going through all the paperwork (and paying!) for the organic label is both ridiculous and silly. Organic is nice, great even, but totally not necessary.

Ok, drink up! :)

  • K and S
    September 22, 2011

    I picked up a few rose items in Paris too…I hope they aren't too fake tasting as some can be.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 23, 2011

    OO looking forward to reading about those! Were they teas or just all different rose products?

  • K and S
    September 26, 2011

    some teas, and a couple of rose sweets :)

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