NYC: Mixed Media by Melissa Zhang, Sugars, and Ciano

Thursday, September 1, 2011 0 No tags Permalink 0

[mixed media artwork by Melissa Zhang]

Good morning, hope everyone is having a good week! I wanted to share with you this awesome artwork piece by my friend Melissa Zhang (aka The Spatula Queen), who kindly drew us a trio of miniature heart sugars from Chambre de Sucre.

It’s mixed media: pen, crayon, and touch of digital. Only wish I was this talented! As most you know, one of my marketing clients is Chambre de Sucre, an artisan Japanese sugar company that’s been around for 270 years and recently started to sell in the US.

The sugars just got stocked at Battery Place Market – I went to the store with Lisa last week to set up the display. Exciting! That’s a box of sucre carré front and center, all handmade in Nagoya, Japan.

Am heading out to meet Justin and Luke for lunch at Ciano today. They’re pricey at dinner but do a great $20 for 3-course lunch special all year round. Fingers crossed white asparagus gelato is still on the menu…o_O

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