Espresso Cups, Reversed: Anish Kapoor for Illy

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May I interest you in morning espresso*?

I’ve been told it makes mornings all the more bearable. A bright and elegant start for hectic weeks. Or even better, a smooth beginning to a day of nothing but relaxation.

These espresso cups come from the new Anish Kapoor collection for Illy, the Italian espresso and coffee brand. A longtime resident of London, the Bombay-born designer wanted to answer the question of: ‘what do I see when I look into a hole?

And the answer was turned into an espresso cup, commanding themes of mystery, ambivalence, surprise, doubt, error, and desire to understand.

They come as a pair, a limited edition set, a modern twist on the classic. The cup and saucer exterior is kept simple, pure white and the interior is lined in platinum (handle carefully, fingerprints on metal drive me nuts ;). For a real surprise, lift up the cup to find a hole in the saucer!

Use as a traditional espresso cup – saucer on the bottom…or…reverse. Place the saucer with a hole on top of the cup and watch the steam come up. Not necessarily functional until you remove the saucer, but utterly gorgeous. After all, this is about the art, and if you’ve seen Kapoor’s larger than life monochromatic works, this is like a miniature sculpture for the home. But do we use it for the breakfast table or art display shelf? I say both!

*In the evenings, replace espresso with a heady shot of hot chocolate and whipped cream

  • K and S
    August 30, 2011

    like this!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 1, 2011

    hehe, me too! ^_^

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