Paris, France: Café Constant

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One rainy evening, when it was too cold and wet to venture far, we took a short stroll from the apartment and rounded the corner to Café Constant. A 20-minute wait at the tiny bar…

…eased with a glass of rosé.

When time came we were led upstairs to a corner table and feasted on foie gras with a crack of black pepper and sea salt. Slices of toasted pain de mie.

And because there is no reason to have one foie gras preparation, when you can have two, the second featured foie gras stuffed in a rabbit saddle. Served on a savory base of sautéed button mushrooms and artichokes, seasoned with parsley.

Those were just the appetizers. A robust red wine, whiskey, boozy and sweet conversation, then veal with haricots tarbais, gorgeous hand-picked white beans most often seen in cassoulet. Cooked until creamy, and salted with the juices from the veal. Fancy name? You asked for it: Côte decouverte de veau du Pays Basque.

But while the veal was lovely, we both agreed that Parmentier de Cuisse de Canard Croisé was dish we’d return for. Parmentier is the French word for that little tower of whipped potatoes and shredded duck meat. One mighty refined shepherd’s pie finished with golden and still warm pommes gaufrettes. The parmentier was so buttery and indulgent, I almost didn’t notice when Pierre slipped that entire duck thigh and leg right off my plate and onto his.

Café Constant

139 Rue Saint-Dominique

75007 Paris, France

01 47 53 73 34

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