Paris, France: Da Rosa

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Morning at Da Rosa on Rue de Seine. Just an espresso for Pierre…

…robust and dark, no sugar today…

…and hot chocolate for myself. Lush and thin but decidedly rich in flavor. A little foam on top. Cozy! Perfect timing actually, the rain (along with the wind and storm) came through just minutes later.

We sat outdoors, but luckily under the enclosed awning. I love rain and dark weather, so to be close but still protected was heaven. One more hot chocolate, s’il vous plait.

The storm didn’t let up, and late breakfast turned into early lunch. Penne Arrabiata to share. The couple sitting behind us each devoured their own portion, and goodness did they managed to make it look good. Comforting and just spicy enough – perfect for such a day. Next time, we’ll return for wine, cheese and gorgeous Spanish hams. And if it rains again, well that’s just another bonus.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

Da Rosa

62 Rue de Seine

75006 Paris, France

01 40 51 00 09

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